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Andre Dawson Cubs Jersey
01-12-2018 11:50 AM
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Andre Dawson Cubs Jersey


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You've seen the commercials Ive fallen and I cant get up! While this has been a topic of many jokes and late-night comedy skits Jason Heyward Cubs Jersey , the reality is falling is a very real danger for many people. Too often falls can lead to broken bones, hospitalization, and sometimes life-threatening illnesses due to being confined to a bed while recovering.

A less extreme, but still real situation is when a person lacks the leg strength to get out of a chair. Or someone who throws out their back just picking up a child or the groceries from the trunk of the car.

Did you know that this is not inevitable? With consistent and effective exercise Ben Zobrist Cubs Jersey , you will maintain your daily activities without injury well into your sixties, seventies, eighties, and beyond.

You may have heard the buzzwords functional training and core training mentioned in the latest fitness magazines. While these terms sound complicated Kris Bryant Cubs Jersey , they are really terms for the most effective and exciting system of strength training being used today.

Functional training strengthens your body for the everyday movements it has to perform. This could be any type of movement, whether for a sport, your job, or just picking up your kids. Most injuries occur in the course of our everyday lives. Strengthen your body for these activities and you will sustain less injury. Functional training also improves balance. This is essential for preventing falls. A combination of strength and balance will give you the confidence to move through your day with ease!

Core training works on strengthening your core Kyle Schwarber Cubs Jersey , your abdominal and low back muscles. Just as a house needs a foundation to build upon, so does your body. Work on the core first and every other exercise you add will be more effective and make you stronger. Many functional training exercises incorporate core training. There are also exercises that isolate the core for maximum benefit. Core training is the idea behind Pilates and is also used in yoga.

You can incorporate both types of training into your regular workout with equipment such as stability balls, medicine balls, elastic tubing Javier Baez Cubs Jersey , slides, and dumbbells. Some exercises require no equipment at all! Several videos and guides on the market can teach you many of these exercises. You can also hire a personal trainer for a few sessions so you can learn the proper techniques. These methods are more effective than traditional gym strength training machines because more muscles are used and the body becomes more coordinated and strong as a result. Machines do play an important role, however. As a new exerciser, you may not have the strength or coordination necessary for functional training. I recommend a combination of basic core strengthening and the use of machines to develop basic strength before starting the more complex functional and core movements.

One of the best and simplest functional exercises is the squat. We use this motion all day long getting up from a chair Ryne Sandberg Cubs Jersey , or picking an object up from the ground, as examples. Learn to squat properly and do it consistently and you will remain strong, independent, and less prone to injury. A great core exercise for beginners is one you can do anytime Ernie Banks Cubs Jersey , anywhere. While sitting or standing, pull your navel towards your spine. Concentrate on performing this movement without flattening your back it is important to maintain proper posture. This strengthens very deep abdominal muscles that are responsible for protecting your back. Try this exercise while driving when you stop at a red light, perform 10 repetitions. Your abdominals will thank you for it!

Think about it, do you walk around during the day doing leg extensions? What about abdominals crunches on the floor? While these exercises work targeted muscles and are good accessory exercises Ron Santo Cubs Jersey , functional exercises create a stronger, healthier body that will be protected from injury and provide a higher quality of life.
Every where you go it seems that people love to make lists. I ran across a newer website the other day that advocates for people to list 101 to do in 1001 days. They want you to create your own website to list your plan and link it back to their script of course. Its a great idea in theory I often find that lists tend to motivate me to at least attempt to cross items off of them. However, actually making a list of 101 tasks I d like to accomplish is overwhelming. So in keeping with the spirit of list making, here are ten things I would like to do in the next 101 days.

1 Attend my 15 year reunion. The reunion is coming up this fall and I haven t been back to the Military Academy since I graduated. It would be nice to go back and see all my old classmates and discover who is still in the Army.

2 Learn to cast a fly. I learned to fish in the scouts Andre Dawson Cubs Jersey , no one else in my family even knows how to bait a hook. While we tied flies for a crafting class, we never learned to cast them. Its such an elegant sport.

3 Attend Tai Chi classes in the park at least once a month. I find Tai Chi to be great for stress relief, but my technique needs some work. Attending some sessions with a teacher should help!

4 Round up some friends for a few games of paintball since its inception in the 80 s, paintball has grown nationally in popularity. We have quite a few new paintball courses in the area that I haven t had the opportunity to play on yet. Definitely a must do.

5 Volunteer to read for children in the hospital. I get so much out of giving back and volunteerism. The problem is that when life gets busy I often forget to even consider it.

6 Get the Jeep fixed. I ve been putting this one off for some time as I hate finding an honest mechanic and recently moved. But something is causing that shimmy and try as I might David Ross Cubs Jersey , wishing it will get better isn t actually improving the problem.
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