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]Cheap Jerseys Wholesale
03-01-2020 03:05 AM
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]Cheap Jerseys Wholesale

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It is important that you don't 'launch? into your sales pitch as soon as you meet, but that you try and put your client (and therefore yourself) at ease by finding some common mutual ground to ?break the ice? with e.g. the weather Cheap Youth Jerseys , their premises, pictures on the wall, sports trophies etc. Good rapport will result in the potential client being less defensive.

Remember: 86% of buying decisions are based first on emotion - i.e. do they trust you?


This should be obvious but is often forgotten through nerves etc. Remember you are a ?guest? in their environment so always be courteous Cheap Womens Jerseys , Time - ask the client how long heshe is able to put aside for the meeting and adjust your itinerary accordingly-if the time allocated is insufficient then you need to make a judgement as to whether you wish to carry on or re-schedule when they can give you more time.

If a time is given and agreed upon - DON?T ignore it (heshe may have a meeting with the Chairman!!) five minutes before the time allocation is up - reconfirm that they need to finish - more often than not if they are interested they will find more time - if they can't then use the last five minutes to summarise and agree the next stage.

Notes - You will need to make notes, these are invaluable as they are a record of your meeting and you will find yourself referring back to them throughout the sales cycle. Ask the client if you can make notes - it's polite!

Confirm Company Business:

You need to confirm the market they are in, ask himher who they supply to Cheap Mens Jerseys , who they buy from, who are their competitors - they may be clients of yours - if so tell him - it's reassuring to a potential client that you have knowledge of his industry. If they aren't clients and you get this order - they should definitely become prospects - so make a note of them. By asking what the company actually does will differentiate you from the sales rep- who is only interested in the sale, you will get an insight into the company's culture Cheap Jerseys Online , it's strategies etc. People like people who are interested in what they are doing and trying to achieve or have achieved - that's a fact!

Remember - Every organisation has ?Commercial Concerns? - What are theirs?

Confirm Position, Role within the Company:

Check that heshe is who you believe then to be, find out if hisher title is indeed just a title or whether heshe has the authority that goes with it. Never assume because they have the title that they have the authority - life is not always that straight forward. Remember also that people like talking about themselves Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , their responsibilities, their achievements - ask the questions and then 'shut up? it's at this stage you can often pick up the political elements of the company, it will also enhancestrengthen the rapport between you - especially if nobody has ever bothered to ask him in the past about himself and his background.

DMU (Decision Making Unit):

Ask who else is involved in this project Cheap Jerseys From China , identify the ?buying influences? BUT also ask what the process is going to be - what are they expecting - benchmarks, reference visits? If you have already enquired as to their position and role then asking about the DMU will be a natural progression and should not attract any resistance. Remember though don't use the term DMU in any shape or form!!


You need to know whether there is a budget, has it been approved and if so how much. There is no way of ?hiding? this request for information. However if you have followed the previous elements your client should by now see you as a ?partner? - someone who can help and therefore should not feel threatened by you asking such a straightforward question. If they ask why you need to know the budget - tell them - you need to ensure that neither of you are wasting your time nor that you can supply a solution that he can afford.

Time Scales:

Part of your telephone qualification should have been to establish timescales Cheap Jerseys China , however these can often change so you need to confirm them not only in this meeting but also periodically throughout the sales cycle.


You need to be aware of any resistance that the client feels may occur to this purchase and where possible offer advice on how to neutralise such resistance, e.g. if he feels that the IT department are going to resist t

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