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I've never played WoW Classic
30-05-2019 03:35 AM
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I've never played WoW Classic


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I have raided in top 100 rated worldwide guilds and none of the things you've mentioned in the movie is a thing, you are only expected to deliver the barebone essentials such as consumables and comprehension in addition to enough time to raid 4 hours once or twice a week, none of the things you mentioned is gonna be expected of you and WoW Classic Gold at most it is gonna be a few officers within the upper guilds which may go this far but it's tough enough to herd 39 cats into a 40 man dungeon let alone get all them to do all the stuff you have listed. This stuff wasn't something nor will it be a let's say before but I wish to enter this crazy ass game should I expect I've never played WoW Classic?

All that is being said is if you are a"gold-trophy-for-Trying" participant you won't enjoy WoW Classic. That's a fantastic thing. We need less of those whining that is useless turds destroying a great gaming experience. It is a necessary first step. Next step is no cross-realms for anything. Only then can a good"community" be constructed adding into a great gaming experience. Gold-trophy-for-trying players can stay on the pile of shit or return to runescape, or go lick nutsacks. They aren't wanted.Terminologies like pre-raid BiS I do not believe existed back in the day . That's definitely a terminology that came with expansions. Back thenit was not unusual to observe people in their full grade 0 dungeon sets which for the most part were not pre-BiS. I had my Magister set on my mage, which was much better than quest greens, but maybe not quite up to par if I had farmed efficiently. I believe if WoW Classic starts, I might get my entire tier 0 set because I want it for collection and also to have the ability to say I did it. Byebye bank room nevertheless.

Was in a leading 25 guild at Legion but it's too much work for a person like me that only appreciates raiding anymore. To be fair I do not think vanilla will be as big of a hit because people are with how WoW Classic is instantaneous satisfaction today and super course builds/play coddled. When thinking about the casual player base in bfa hell I think the same issue and the trait trees per class were apparently too hard for many will happen again. I really do wish I could go back to the beginning of Buy Gold in WoW Classic as it was so enjoyable to play, now it sounds more like a choir. I enjoyed leveling back in vanilla and about leveling something today when I think I still can't even with all the nerfs to exp. Iinvest actual money or my WoW Classic gold to boost it as close to cap then go out there and gear it after level capping. Gold is easy to make so it's not a deal on my host I finished up on for Legion/bfa.
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