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QUEBEC CITY, Que. [url=]Custom USA Socce
09-07-2018 09:07 AM
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QUEBEC CITY, Que. [url=]Custom USA Socce

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QUEBEC CITY, Que. Custom USA Soccer Jerseys . - Trying to explain just how long fighting has been part of his life, English middleweight Michael Bisping paused a story about playground tussles as he spotted a very short man nearby. "I love being a fighter, I do. Rightly or wrongly," he said. "Ever since I was the same height as that guy." Bisping (25-5) giggled as he savoured the political incorrectness. "I was going to say ever since I was this big," he said holding his hand down by his knee. "Then I saw him. Hes a friend of mine, by the way. Thats Mick." Little Mick is indeed a Bisping family friend. And chances are hes heard plenty worse from the fifth-ranked UFC middleweight in the world. As he gears up for his 20th fight in the UFC - against former Green Beret Tim Kennedy in the main event of The Ultimate Fighter Nations televised card Wednesday - the charismatic Bisping is a veteran when it comes to stirring the pot. These days, his opponents often do it for him. The 35-year-old Bisping has become somewhat of a closer when it comes to trash talk. His opponents, knowing the brash Brit will take the bait, look to antagonize Bisping to raise the profile of the fight. Conflict sells tickets, especially on a crowded UFC calendar. In April alone, the UFC has shows in Abu Dhabi, Quebec City, Orlando and Baltimore. The UFC, in its first foray to the Quebec capital, expects a crowd between 5,000 to 10,000 in the lower bowl of the Colisee Pepsi. While the timing of the TUF Nations show meant some local fighters were not announced until recently, Bisping has done his bit to sell the show. On Monday, Bisping calmly did media interviews in a downtown hotel before being summoned by Tom Wright, managing director of UFC operations for Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to pose for a photo with Kennedy. Bisping instantly switched to sandpaper mode, placing his nose on Kennedys, wagging his finger as he read his somewhat bemused opponent the riot act. Other than a stream of F-bombs, it was hard to hear what was being said in the one-way conversation. Asked later, Bisping offered a clean version. "Hes talked so much for so long. And Im not interested in getting a war on words on Twitter. Ill say what I have to say to his face. And I just told him, I said Listen, Im going to knock that stupid look off your face. Youre going to live to regret every word youve said about me, every video, every picture that youve Photoshopped. Everything that youve done to mock me, youre going to pay (for), youre going to eat your words and youre going to wish that you never heard of Michael Bisping." More classic Bisping. He has, of course, used social media himself in the war of words. Tweeting "Cant wait to get my hands on that little dork Kennedy" hardly rates as taking the high road. The same conflict that sells tickets motivates Bisping. The Brit does his best work when he walks into the Octagon with a burr under his saddle. Kennedy (17-4) has been happy to oblige, accusing him of dirty tactics. "Hes going to try to grab my shorts, hes going to try to grab the cage, hes going to try to poke me in the eye," said the 34-year-old Texan, who is ranked No. 8 among middleweight contenders. "When he gets tired, hes going to try to kick me in the groin. I know this and Im ready for it in my head and I dont care. He kicks me in the groin, Im going to hit him in the face. Ill trade you. Im wearing a cup. You can kick me in the groin again and Ill hit you in the face and see who wins. "Hopefully the referee will be very strong and have a good presence, but Im aware that hes going to try these things." That prompted Bisping to brand Kennedy a liar, idiot and narcissist. "Ive had one point deducted in my entire career," Bisping told a public workout Sunday. "And I dont know how he says Im a dirty fighter." Speaking moments later to a reporter, he had a slightly different view of Kennedy. "I should thank him really, because hes done all these things," Bisping said cheerfully. "And if he hadnt had done them, it wouldnt have had the attention it had, it might not be main event. "Really in some ways I should thank him. And of course, its motivated me as well." Bisping has history with Ranger Up, a military-themed clothing company that Kennedy owns a piece of. The company sponsored Jorge Rivera, who lost to Bisping at UFC 127 in a bitter bout that saw the Rivera camp get under Bispings skin big-time. Bisping was irate at what he saw as slurs on his fiancee. He beat Rivera, having a point deducted for an illegal knee to his opponents head en route to the win, and then spat on the canvas in front of the Rivera corner. Winner of Season 3 of "The Ultimate Fighter," Bisping has won 14 of his 19 UFC fights. The losses have come to elite opponents — former champions or MMA icons in Rashad Evans, Dan Henderson, Wanderlei (The Axe Murderer) Silva, Chael Sonnen and Vitor (The Phenom) Belfort. Bisping is smart, mobile and has a good gas tank in the cage. He has also turned himself into a well-rounded fighter. He took Sonnen, a decorated wrestler, down in the third round of their bout while stopping three of Sonnens seven takedown attempts. Kennedy may look to make fun of the Brit, but he respects his fighting skills. "Look at the guys hes beaten and the guys hes lost (to)," Kennedy said. "Take all him talking out of the scenario, just look at what hes done in the cage — hes beaten really good guys and hes lost to just the very best." Bisping has also been a loyal UFC employee, building the brand in Britain and fighting around the world. Now making his home in California, he has made a good life for he and his family. But he has paid the price. He was victim of a savage Henderson knockout at UFC 100. And he wonders whether a Belfort head kick in January 2013 triggered the serious eye issues that have plagued him since. In a chilling story of medical self-denial, he started having vision issues after the Belfort loss — and did nothing. "Everybody was saying you need to see the doctor, my family and friends, but I feared it was a detached retina so I kind of put it off," he said. He beat Alan (The Talent) Belcher in April 2013 before eventually giving in to the need for medical attention. His peripheral vision was shot. "It came to a point where I could hardly see my hand in front of my face. And after the (Belcher) fight, I thought Right, its time to see a doctor. And I went and saw them and they confirmed my fears, it was a detached retina. I went into surgery the next day." He has not fought since. "Everything that could go wrong with an eye, I pretty much had it," he said. He had glaucoma, cataracts, and then the retina detached again, requiring more surgery. The UFC eventually ordered him to see an independent doctor before agreeing to give him another fight. "Ive been cleared medically," he said. Still the vision out of the right eye "isnt what it was." Bisping was on an assembly line making furniture back in 2003 when he decided he had to get out. Having taken martial arts since a kid, he looked to boxing. "I thought I dont know if Ill ever be the champion of the world but I know I can be good enough to be a pro and at least make a bit of a living out of it, he said in a 2008 interview with The Canadian Press. ``And that was a plan. Very quickly, that turned into mixed martial arts. Quitting his job on Jan. 4, 2004, he started commuting from his home in Clitheroe near Liverpool in northwestern England to spend the week training with an old coach in Nottingham. Money was so tight he sometimes slept in his car, a battered Volvo 440, returning home on the weekends to see his family and make some cash by DJing. He says he has never forgotten sleeping in that car. "Thats what keeps me training so hard. It really does. I never take what Ive got for granted. I know it can all be over, in the click of my fingers, especially with all the new talent, how the UFC is expanding so massively. Im completely dispensable." He is already branching out, moonlighting as an MMA analyst for Fox as well as acting. He has small roles in the films "The Anomaly" and "Plastic," both of which are due out this year. Earlier this year, he spent a month in Thailand filing the TV show "Strikeback." "Theyre only small parts and of course type-case, playing bad guys, Russian gangsters and Polish gangsters. Listen Im never going to be treading the boards doing Shakespeare." But when it comes to talking up fights, Bisping gets top billing. "Hes just such an abrasive, caustic personality. Hes so outspoken, hes so rough. It just rubs a lot of people the wrong way," said Kennedy, struggling to sum up his opponents many thorns. Andrija Novakovich Jersey . Consider it received. Attacking on offence early and often, the Penguins topped the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-1 on Saturday night as Jussi Jokinen scored the go-ahead goal in the third period to help give Pittsburgh a 3-2 lead in the Eastern Conference playoff series. Tim Ream Jersey . "I only want to go through this one more time," Crosby said Friday. The 24-year-old captain hasnt played since the symptoms resurfaced following a loss to Boston on Dec. 5. Doctors allowed him to return to full practice on Tuesday and while Crosby is pleased with the way his body is responding he refuses to put on his return. . Acclaimed by world football leaders but held in contempt by many football fans. Blatter should arrive at the Itaquerao stadium in Sao Paulo to watch host Brazil play Croatia confident that this tournament -- his fifth as president -- wont be his last leading the worlds favourite sport. ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Although Teemu Selanne has been playing in the NHL for more than two decades, he had never seen anything he could even compare to the goonery in the Anaheim Ducks latest victory. The Vancouver Canucks third-period antics aside, the NHL also hasnt seen much like these Ducks as they cut a swath through the league on their merciless winning streak. Corey Perry had two goals and two assists, Selanne had two goals and an assist, and the steamrolling Ducks beat Vancouver 9-1 Wednesday night for their 18th victory in 19 games. Nick Bonino scored also two goals for the NHL-leading Ducks, who earned their eighth consecutive victory by scoring a club-record six power-play goals against the NHLs best penalty-killing team. The Ducks got those opportunities thanks to a wholesale collapse by the Canucks, who picked up 58 penalty minutes in the third period with several old-time-hockey attempts to start a brawl. With four Canucks in the dressing room for misconduct, Vancouver gave a late seven-minute, two-man advantage to the Ducks, who scored twice to wrap up the highest-scoring performance in the franchises two-decade history. "What happened at the end, I havent really seen before," said Selanne, who scored his 682nd career goal during the two-man advantage. "It was kind of weird. You dont want to finish the game like that ... but this is still a confidence boost for us. Theyre a great team." Andrew Cogliano, Jakob Silfverberg and Sami Vatanen also scored, and Frederik Andersen made 31 saves as Anaheim joined the 1967-68 Montreal Canadiens as the only teams in league history to win 18 times in a 19-game span. Vatanens score with 38 seconds left pushed the Ducks past the club-record eight goals, accomplished twice previously. Captain Ryan Getzlaf, rookie Hampus Lindholm and Vatanen had two assists apiece while Anaheim scored six power-play goals -- one fewer than in their previous 15 games combined. "We just want to keep good habits and keep things fresh," Cogliano said. "Obviously it got a little out of hand, and thats unfortunate. Ive been on the other side of that, and its not something thats fun." The Ducks also improved to 20-0-2 at Honda Center, matching San Joses 2008-09 start for the longest home points streak to open a season in the last 34 years. Bill Hamid Jersey. . Zack Kassian scored for the Canucks in their seventh loss in eight games. Eddie Lack gave up three goals on 13 shots before getting chased early in the second period, and backup Joacim Eriksson was relentlessly battered in his NHL debut. "It got away from us," Vancouver captain Henrik Sedin said. "Ive had a lot of disappointing losses. This was up there, but this was not a 9-1 game. This was not a 6-1 game. They had eight or nine minutes of 5-on-3. Theyre going to score when they get that." Anaheim led 6-0 late in the second period, and the blowout got even uglier after the Ducks went up 7-1 in the third on Perrys 27th goal. Vancouvers Tom Sestito, Jannik Hansen and Kassian all got misconduct penalties with 7:11 to play, and Kevin Bieksa was sent to the showers moments later. "Im not even going to try to explain it," Vancouver coach John Tortorella said. "One of those nights, so we plow along to our next game and get ready to play. ... It does me no good, it does the players no good, to discuss anything that happened here." Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau, who has seen countless minor-league shenanigans during a long hockey career, wasnt overly upset with the Canucks bush-league behaviour. "There was a lot of frustration on their part," Boudreau said. "They just started punching our guys. It wasnt the brightest thing to do. What are the refs supposed to do? ... It was just an unfortunate game for Vancouver. Im sure their next opponent is going to pay for that." With just one loss since Dec. 3, Anaheim has opened a six-point lead atop the NHL standings on the defending Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks, who will host the Ducks on Friday night. The Ducks would have to beat Chicago and St. Louis in back-to-back road games this weekend to match the 1967-68 Canadiens, who won 20 of 21. NOTES: Andersen filled in capably for Jonas Hiller, who sat out with an illness. Hiller has won 14 straight games, the second-longest winning streak by a goalie in NHL history. ... The 23-year-old Eriksson, in his first North American season, is filling in for Roberto Luongo, who has been out since Jan. 4. ... Selanne is 11th on the NHLs career goals list, trailing Mario Lemieux by eight goals for 10th. 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