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]Wholesale Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey
21-01-2020 10:08 AM
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]Wholesale Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey

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That's certainly not what I want for my customers! Is that what you want for yours?

I think this question can be a profitable one. What do you want for your customers? I started thinking about this and came up with a few others for you to ask yourself.

Why do you want to serve your customers? What do you love about your particular customers? Are they perfect customers? If not, who would be? Describe them.

Case Studies and the Value Proposition

So I began thinking about my friend's sales problem - which brought me to thinking about a favorite topic of mine - the value proposition. Not in the sense of your USP, but in the sense of - what is the value of your product (or service) to your customer?

In other words Wholesale Oliver Bjorkstrand Jersey , what is your product worth? How much - in money terms - does your customer save or earn when they use whatever it is you sell? Can you quantify that?

If you can't, well - you need to. It will make it much easier to sell.

But it's too complicated - we can't really say what they get from it.

No wonder you have trouble selling when times get tough. If you knew what it was worth, and it was worth more than you were selling it for, you'd have customers lining up pounding on your door for it.

You have to go out and do case studies. Exactly why did they buy. Exactly what is the application. Exactly how much more did they earn because of it and how did they earn it. Or, exactly how much did they save because of it and how did they save it. Get five or six of those and you'll be able to build a return-on-investment case for any prospect Wholesale Ryan Murray Jersey , and damn the economy. Which brings me to one last thing - the holy trinity of repeat sales.

Up-sell, Re-sell and Cross-sell What is your best possible source of revenue right now, bar none?

Your existing customers, right? Of course - they always are. Which means you should have a regular program to stay in contact.

What are you doing about repeat customer sales? When was the last time you contacted each customer, and made them an offer of some kind? What - you're waiting for them to call you?

Conclusion: You've got to contact your customers. Under any pretext Wholesale Sonny Milano Jersey , for any reason.


To solidify and maintain your relationships, and reconfirm why you want to do business with them. To understand your value from their perspective. And lastly, to make sure they are being served properly and to sell them everything they need.

About the author:
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You have probably heard this before but again stress is a key contributor to poor health. Study after study has found that when a person is stressed Wholesale Riley Nash Jersey , the body reacts. The result of stress could be high-blood pressure, tension headaches, upset stomach, poor posture, and so on. Keeping stress in check will help you manage your overall health much better. Here are a few stress management tips for mental relaxation and self development.

Sleep Well

Does sleep really affect health? You bet it does. During sleep Wholesale Cam Atkinson Jersey , your body is resting and recovering from all the work is has done throughout the day. Your serotonin levels are brought back in line, your muscles relax, and mind is allowed to clear itself in preparation for the next day. If you are not getting the proper amount of sleep, you will notice it in a physical way. While there is no magic number, usually between six and eight hours a night is appropriate. If you have difficulty getting to sleep Wholesale Alexander Wennberg Jersey , before you climb into bed, try Yoga, listening to soft, relaxing music, a glass of wine Wholesale Zach Werenski Jersey , or if you can talk someone into it, a good massage.

Laugh it Off

The medical field has proven that laughter actually works with your body toward good health. Have you ever heard the expression, ?Laughter is the best medicine?? The truth is, when you laugh, several positive things happen. Your muscles relax; stress hormone product is reduced; you forget about pain; your body's immune system is improved; high-blood pressure is lowered; the heart and lungs are strengthened; and overall Wholesale Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey , you feel better!

Learn and practice Yoga

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