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09-10-2018 05:21 AM
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by Wang Qibing Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 Black , Nguon Sovan

PHNOM PENH, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) -- Cambodia has for the first time cleaned up the cheat- and bribery-ridden grade 12 national exams, a reform toward strengthening education quality in the impoverished Southeast Asian Nation, officials and observers said Tuesday.

The two-day high school graduation exam, which is a prerequisite for students to pursue their studies in a university level, ended on Tuesday afternoon with 93 Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Black ,456 candidates seating for exams in 3,779 rooms at 154 centers throughout the country.

"During this year's exam, there was no cheating because proctors have strictly frisked all candidates for cheat sheets before allowing them to seat for exams," Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron told Xinhua in an interview over telephone. " Candidates were also aware of the exam rules and complied with them."

"It could not be 100 percent clean, but I could say that there were just a few students who had violated the rules," said the minister Cheap Nike Air Max Black , who took office in September last year.

He said cell phones, smart phones and other electronic devices were not allowed to be taken into the exam rooms.

"If invigilators found that anyone cheated, he or she would be automatically failed the test," he said.

Hang Chuon Naron said the ministry has for the first time cooperated with the Anti-Corruption Unit to fight against corruption during the exams.

"We have 26,000 invigilators and more than 2,000 anti- corruption volunteers and officials to monitor the process of the exams Cheap Air Max 2018 Black ," he said. "If any candidate found bribing proctors to cheat in the test, he or she would face corruption charges and imprisonment."

He said bribery has not been found during the exams.

"This is part of the reform of our education system," he said. "We need to restore the quality of national education."

Chhay Savuth, vice chairman of the Anti-Corruption Unit, said, "Students have complied with exam disciplines and there was no any report of bribery."

In previous years Cheap Air Max 90 Black , students had hidden cheat sheets under their clothes and pooled their money to give to invigilators to ensure that their cheating would not be caught or punished, but such habits no longer existed during this year's exam.

An outspoken critic of the education quality also hailed the ministry of education and the Anti-Corruption Unit for their concerted efforts to eliminate cheating and stamp out corruption during the exam.

"This year's exam was much better than those in previous years and is acceptable," Rong Chhun, president of the Cambodian Independent Teachers' Association, said.

A candidate Srey Phalla said it was absolutely strict during the exams and students could not bring in electronic devices or papers, but pens and rulers.

"Students could not bring in any cheat sheets because proctors frisked all candidates twice at the school's gate and at the room' s door Cheap Air Max Black ," she said. "This exam will be fair and transparent to all candidates."

Another student Sy Zou said anti-corruption officials had closely monitored the exams, students had no chance to collect money for proctors in exchange for cheating.

"It was really a strict exam, there were two proctors in a room and a few observers patrolled outside," he said. "I'm satisfied with such fair and transparent test."

Last year, 84 percent of the candidates passed the exam. Hang Chuon Naron said it could not be speculated about whether how many percent of the students would pass the test this year.

The official results will be announced on Aug. 29 and 30.

In Cambodia, each high school graduate Cheap Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes , who obtained a satisfactory score in high school graduation exams, is eligible to apply for their favorite colleges or universities, either private or national.

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